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It is an established and incontrovertible truth that the first and often the last encounter an exhibitor or contractor has with a venue, is with the traffic management staff. Consequently, the view of the entire event might be established before they set foot on the premises. The manner in which drivers are addressed, the deference they are shown, and the dexterity with which they ingress and egress, are of paramount significance.

Our personnel receive daily on-site briefings and frequent refresher courses tailored to ensure that everyone is well-fortified and proficiently equipped to execute the essential tasks required to ensure smooth flow of traffic. 

Our highways team is responsible for handling local road closures, executing one-way systems, diversions, and managing traffic circulation in areas prone to witness higher levels of pedestrian activity. 

This crucial approach towards customer care and communication is the topmost priority of Carbonite Traffic Solutions, as we consider ourselves an extension of the Organiser's team.



If you seek traffic control services for your upcoming event, look no further. Our skilled management team shall attend to your needs from the onset till the end. 

On-site traffic control, particularly during setup, the open period and dismantling, remains our forte. We boast a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts, earned over many years of experience. Hence, exhibitors, contractors, and service partners confidently know and collaborate with us.

Our competence extends to planning, design, coordination with the Local Authority and County Council, road and lane closures, and any other highway traffic management exigency you may have.


Our personnel regularly oversee high-profile events and locations, for instance, the Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park, The Hampton Court, Tatton Park, and the world-renowned Chelsea Flower Shows on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society. We also cover numerous other major live music events such as the 'Wireless' held in Crystal Palace and Finsbury Parks, All Points East at Victoria Park, British Summer Time at Hyde Park and a host of other similar high-profile events.



Our range of service capabilities encompasses a multitude of essential aspects: 

· Scheme design and meticulous planning aimed at achieving seamless road traffic

· Deployment of Traffic Safety and Control Officers, with the priority of ensuring compliance with relevant codes of conduct and protecting all road users

· Implementing Single lane traffic works / road closures and full contraflow systems to ensure uninterrupted traffic management

· Establishing Traffic signal systems that guarantee safety and convenience for all road users

· Mastering complex road network setups that allow for complete road closure, while designing clear diversion routes and signage, ensuring hassle-free transportation

· Installing state-of-the-art, highly-containment, pedestrian, and temporary vehicle barriers that not only offer protection but also optimize mobility

· Incorporating Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (Impact Protection Vehicles) technologies into our services as part of our commitment to upholding the highest safety standards

· Upscaling our services with Variable message signage, a highly effective tool for conveying traffic information and improving the overall dynamic of road traffic

· Leveraging advanced Traffic management CAD design tools to anticipate potential bottleneck scenarios and optimize traffic flow for all clients.

We pride ourselves on offering traffic management services that cover every stage of a project- from its inception to delivery and maintenance towards its completion. This comprehensive approach to our services ensures trust and transparency with our clients and an unrivaled level of quality that we consistently uphold.



In order to enhance your traffic management strategy, it will be necessary to procure bespoke signage tailored to meet the requirements of diversions, data transmission, authorized parking areas, road cessation, or even temporarily prohibited parking bays to facilitate the secure drop off and collection of coaches. We will draft an integrated scheme, adhering to the existing regulations, to fulfill these prerequisites. 

Signage is frequently disregarded yet it can profoundly affect the community. We shall furnish, supervise, and adjust if required to guarantee efficient execution of our operation whilst simultaneously fostering a positive relationship with local inhabitants on your behalf.



CSAS Accredited Traffic Officers are authorised to direct, hold and restrict traffic movements on the public highway. This, for example, may include implementing temporary road closures, diversions, or simply to hold traffic to enable safe pedestrian movement.


CTS provide officers approved under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS), enabling our traffic management team to carry out their routine duties, safe in the support and under the authority the scheme provides.

This includes traffic direction and temporary restrictions, as required for community events, including: 

• Temporary Road closures
• Stop/Go controls
• Street processions, carnivals & marches
• Pedestrian crossings
• Access control
• Existing/Temporary traffic light control



Traffic management plans are a significant aspect of event coordination, wherein we place great emphasis. After conducting site inspections and holding discussions with relevant authorities such as the local authirity and, if required, local police, we meticulously design the plans with the help of specialized CAD software, culminating into a comprehensive application for obtaining your local authority's approval.


Moreover, we provide accompanying Risk Assessment and Method Statements devotedly tailored for the event venue alongside all our TM plans.



One of our senior team will always be available to attend site meetings, to discuss your event and its traffic management options.


The benefits of early site meetings will enhance our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We then liaise with the local authority, and other stakeholders to provide the best possible options, methodology and staffing. This early involvement is crucial to the delivery of our services, and helps you, the customer, gain important understanding on what goes on and your own clients and visitors can expect and how they interact. In many cases this can also save you time and money.



Security has become a crucial element of any gathering, and therefore, striking a balance between imposing watchfulness and seamless entry of guests is of paramount importance to create a comfortable and optimistic atmosphere.


This is where our proficiency and preparation prove to be invaluable, as our staff is always sophisticated, effective, courteous, and amiable. 


Your event's harmonious and secure functioning is principally determined by the professionalism of your security and front-of-house personnel who are frequently the initial interface between the occasion and the attendees; thus, they are trained to exhibit the appropriate demeanor.



Per the standard norm, customer service holds immense significance in event management. Our staff grasps the vitality of amiable demeanor and cheerful countenance. They take pride in their proficiency to cater to all the queries.


Be it on-site or outside the premises, they help the public to locate the show or guide towards the nearest transit terminals. We closely observe the crossings and heavy foot traffic zones. Where necessary, we intervene and instruct the individuals to respect the ‘Green-Man’ and ensure their safety.


With a proven record of managing more than 60,000 festival-goers leaving a venue, we are adept in installing barricades, employing loudspeakers, and monitoring the public to make their exit safe and smooth.



We all believed we had a clear understanding of what the profession of stewarding entailed, until the Olympic Games graced London in 2012. With a sudden shift, stewarding became more than merely directing people and maintaining a steady flow of movement; it also became an inherent aspect of the event experience and allure.

For this precise reason, we have since established a dedicated training scheme tailored to both novices and seasoned personnel, allowing them to refine their expertise. We inculcate in our employees the importance of conveying their enthusiasm through exemplary service, congeniality, and efficiency, as this is pivotal in engendering a favorable and laudable perception of the spectacle by the viewing public.


Selecting the apt leads is of paramount importance to foster a work environment where our staff eagerly turn up every day, regardless of weather, dressed immaculately, carrying themselves in an expert and welcoming manner.

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