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Terry Brown - 

Director of Operations

As a ward of our BDD, he has acquired numerous years of expertise in the realm of events, spanning from traffic regulations to safety and administration. Distinguished in spearheading teams and overseeing aspects of event coordination, he has established himself as a renowned figure in the industry.

Tony Hawkins - 

Business Development Director

Tony, who previously held the post of head of traffic and security at Earls Court and later at Olympia, joined CTS in 2015. With over four decades of experience in this field, he brings an immense sense of enthusiasm and energy. He is now entrusted with the responsibility of taking then company to the next level.

Des Bruce -

Senior Operations Manager


A proficient and adept team leader, skilled in managing people. With an extensive amount of practical experience and a tenacious outlook, he brings a composed and competent efficacy to all of our events and clients. Des, proficiently overseeing our social media department, implementing training programmes, supervising a varied range of back-of-house initiatives, and ensuring the team is informed of the most recent technological advancements.

Steve Howe - 

Event  Manager

Steve has earned a reputable legacy with our esteemed firm through his 25 years of unwavering commitment. His unyielding devotion has infused our operations with unparalleled vitality and vigor, as he unceasingly pours his heart and soul into every task at hand. Undoubtedly, Steve is the very embodiment of practicality, that too, at the most adroit level. Operating as the head of RHS contracts, he assumed a pivotal role since the inception of the association over three decades ago and there is no denying his influential standing in our organization.

Graham Carlton -

Event Manager

We are thrilled to welcome Graham to our team, with his extensive knowledge and practical skills in operations, TM systems, and staff management. Graham's exceptional performance during the 2023 season, managing night teams at British Summer Time in Hyde Park, and assisting supervisors at numerous live music events, is a testament to his abilities in the events industry. 

We look forward to seeing him apply his expertise and lead our team to success, ensuring our events run smoothly and professionally.

Paul Dormer - 

Event Manager

Paul joined us in 2013. He possesses an extraordinary charismatic personality. His composed demeanor, coupled with his exceptional time management abilities, renders him greatly admired by both customers and colleagues. He is highly competent in directing individuals and tends to instill a sense of serenity in every project he undertakes.

Mark Weaver - 

Logistics Supervisor

Mark has been the stalwart of CTS since the early days. He is an unwavering team player with an amiable disposition. Mark is our foremost driver and accountable for the provisional availability of all necessary equipment for an event.

Mandii Tozer - 

Business Administration Manager

Mandii holds responsibility for the entirety of back-of-house operations. She proficiently attends to personnel inquiries, executes protocols, preserves administrative frameworks, and closely collaborates with the entire management team to guarantee adherence to all terms and conditions.

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